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Door Frame

These showcase fronts are constructed from high grade aluminium and are supplied standard with two Abloy locks. As they are only 65mm wide and 40mm deep they are very elegant and can be easily lost in the surroundings. These units can be either fitted flush with a border to allow the door to open into or proud of the surface.


Our door frame systems can be either supplied as a frame only system or as a finished showcase complete with carcass, lighting and dress panels.

The carcass can be  constructed from 18mm ZF-MDF or steel if more security is required. The internal dress panels are constructed from 12mm ZF-MDF and can be covered in a variety of materials and colours to compliment the piece you are displaying.


These Door Frames are normally displayed vertically but they can also be laid flat or angled to create a glass top display case. These are a great alternative to a Glass Hood display case when only top viewing is required.



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