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Free Standing

Free standing showcases with glass to all four sides are ideal where the exhibit, like ceramics, clothing and preserved animals, are displayed in an upright position and need to be seen on all faces.


This type of display case can be supplied with a lighting header and hinged or pull and slide doors, or a glass top and pull and slide doors.


These showcases can also be supplied with a solid back and dress panel, usually if the display case is to be fixed against a wall. These are also ideal to build into structures and can be supplied as a complete unit or as a door only system.


The showcase plinth and lighting header are manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles and as standard the glass is 11.52 mm 3 ply laminated low iron.


Shelving for these showcases and either be stainless steel drop rods or if the display case has a solid back they can be cantilevered arms.


Environmental conditioning can also be incorporated with access either through the side of the display case profile or through a separate steel/MDF plinth if fitted.


This type of showcase can also incorporate. This can be achieved either by access through the base panel or the showcase can be mounted on a small plinth with access to the conditioning cassette so you don't have to enter the showcase environment.


This showcase is supplied with 2 concealed Abloy™ cam locks to the main front door and 2 to the top access door. These showcases should be fixed to the floor for extra stability and security.


These showcase are supplied with Abloy™ locks as standard and have separately suited Baton for the service compartments



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Glass Top Freestanding Display Case Drawing

Hinged Door Freestanding Display Case Drawing

Freestanding Display Cases Specifications